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Why choose us?

X Adventures d.o.o. is a unique tourist agency in Mostar, fully specialized for outdoor tourism and adventure recreation. Agency was founded in 2017. It quickly become the leader of the active tourism development in Mostar, as well as in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are proud that all of our tours are made of the ideal fusion of security, enjoyment, adventure recreation as well as a plethora of breathtaking sceneries and beautiful nature.

One of the highlights of the variety of tours we offer is the ‘’Mostar city rafting’’, the ideal way to discover Mostar from a unique perspective. Let the raft boat take you through the heart of Mostar, along the beautiful river Neretva, with our licensed guides explaining the rich and colorful history of the town.

As leaders of adventurous, recreational and outdoor tourism, Mostar X Adventures offer a wide array of tours, unlike any other you can find in Herzegovina.
We would like to point out our mountain bike tours, hiking program, sightseeing tours, Neretva canyon rafting program, Wine&Food programme, Off-road programme, as well as transportation services like door to door transfer and city bike rent. We mustn’t forget our Mostar paragliding tour as well as our Zip-Line Mostar experience.
Our expert staff made of highly educated friendly professionals is here to guarantee that your stay in Mostar will be unforgettable.

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mail: info@mostarxadventures.com
tel.: + 387 62 240 456
address: Onešćukova 44, Mostar