Mostar X Adventures

Touristic Guidance and Escort

When exploring a new place on your travel, it helps to have someone local to lend a hand and enrichen the sightseeing experience by explaining the history and stories behind buildings and sites.

Our professional guides are here to help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest with the information of important sites, local way of life, history and culture, as well as stories, tales and local legends.
You would probably love to be free from finding your way around small streets, reconfirming reservations, communicating with drivers and similar tasks that divert your attention from enjoying the vacation. That’s what we are here for.

Mostar X Adventures offers tourist guidance and escort according to your plans. Just tell us what you plan to do/see, and we’ll fit right in and recommend you the right tourist guide/escort to best fit your needs.

Our tour guides are friendly, helpful, engaged and – problem solvers. Whatever you need, they will be there to advice, assist and solve.

Contact us now and get started on your endless discovery!