Mostar X Adventures

Mostarian night from 1688

This is not a tour! It is a time machine! Travel back in time and experience life in Mostar back in the 17th century. Find out how people lived in Mostar and learn about history and tradition.

Tour Price: 45 €/5 person min.
Duration: 3 hours

You will be a part of the fully authentic private interactive theater performance that will take you back in the Ottoman-Bosnian atmosphere. The performance will be held in the UNESCO protected, oldest house in Mostar, built in 1520 – the Kajtaz House.

With fully costumed hosts, authentic dances and ‘’sevdah’’ – traditional Bosnian music, you will have the first-hand experience of Mostar as it once was. Not only that, after the performance, everyone will gather for a traditional Herzegovinian dinner with authentic dishes, homemade desert and fresh juice.

You can also take photos wearing the traditional clothes and learn a few dancing steps of traditional Herzegovinian dances.
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